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Gifts That Grow

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We are launching a month-long regional fundraising campaign called “Gifts That Grow” from February 1—28, 2021 to benefit our member organizations. Your gift today helps protect your healthy environment. Thank you for your support!

The campaign will raise awareness of, and funds for, the organizations working hard to protect and restore our natural resources. Funds raised during the campaign will be split evenly amongst the participating organizations.

When everything was closed during the Pandemic, we could still take our families safely out into nature. Our parks, forests, wetlands, hiking trails, and rivers and streams were there for us. And we need them to be there for us in the future.

That is why we are working together. Collectively these organizations:

· Welcome over 1.9 million local, state, and national visitors a year

· Protect over 133,482 acres including parks, forests, wetlands, land over the aquifer, and prairie

· Take actions that protect clean air, clean water, and healthy soils

· Activate 3,762 local volunteers each year

· Preserve more than 194,000 miles of rivers and streams

· Give away over 9,000 native plants, trees and flowers to local residents to increase habitat and food for butterflies, wildlife, pollinators and birds each year

· Teach children about the crucial role of clean air, water, and healthy soils for our future.