Partners for the Environment

The Partners for the Environment oversees several special interest teams that focus on specific environmental areas.

The Air Team will bring together agencies and organizations with diverse approaches to protecting and improving air quality in the Miami Valley.     

Team Chair: Matt Lindsay at

The mission of the Land Team is to preserve and protect the land resources of the Great and Little Miami River watersheds while supporting responsible development and redevelopment of our area.

Team Chair:  Michele Burns at

The Wetlands Special Interest Group of the Land Team develops and shares tools and methodologies to preserve wetlands in the Great and Little Miami Watersheds.

Team Chair: Bob Jurick at

The Water Team meets quarterly to discuss items of mutual concern and share ideas to leverage resources in the Great Miami River Watershed.

Team Chair: Matt Lindsay at

The mission of Food Team is to support access to sustainably produced local food, and promote community education and involvement.  

Team Chair: Teri Schoch at

Air Team

Water Team

Wetlands Team

Land Team

Food Team


The Wildlife and Habitat Team is working on issues facing wildlife in the Miami Valley and to implement the Lights Out Miami Valley program.

Next Meetings: September 10th and November 13th

Team Chair: Deb Oexman at

Wildlife Team

Serving the Great and Little Miami River Watersheds